5 Most Effective Medicinal Plants and Their Uses


Medicinal plants and their extracts are used as medicine for the treatment of different diseases. There are various uses of medicinal plants and these are frequently used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and the food industry. We all use these medicinal plants in some form in our daily life and our health is dependent on them one way or the other. Many researchers are conducting researches to find out the effectiveness of a number of different medicinal herbs for the treatment of various diseases as natural treatment is still considered a first resort due to its lessened side effects. Some of the most effective medicinal plants are outlined below:

1. Aloe Vera. This plant is effective for treating sunburn, inflammation, arthritis, ulcer or stomach ache and diabetes. It is available in the market in the form of juice and gel. You can apply the Aloe Vera gel on your skin for cuts, spots, minor burns or skin irritations. Whereas, the juice of this medicinal plant is used to treat the internal problems of the body. You can easily grow this plant at your home and use it by directly cutting a piece of it and apply its gel on your skin.

2. Garlic. Mostly people think of this herb as only usable in cooking or for garnishing the food. But it is an effective antibiotic if used in raw form. Garlic is also effective for cardiovascular system if used as a part of different dishes because it naturally contains such agents which help in the enlargement of blood vessels and induce relaxation in the body which improves circulation of the blood in whole body.

3. Ginkgo Biloba. This medicinal plant is also known as “brain herb” as it improves the concentration and it is also used for short term memory retention by some students and men of old age. Other than that it is effective in treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease because it improves the flow of blood to the brain and it also reduces the feeling of depression.

4. Sage. Sage has been used for centuries. In many different countries different people are using it for treating different kinds of problems. It is taken in the form of tea for sore throats and cough. Many researchers have found it effective in the cure of rheumatism, sharpening of senses, improvement of memory, and menstruation bleeding.

5. Pepper Mint. This plant is a part of our daily cooking routine but a few people actually know that it is also used as a medicinal plant. This plant has found to be effective for treating indigestion and it helps in relaxing the muscles of digestive track. It can be taken in different forms like in raw form, it can be cooked and its juice can also be used to drink. Medicinal plants have proved to be really effective in treating a number of diseases and these are easily available as well. You can grow these plants in your garden as well as use them in your daily life for generally better health.



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